For Entrepreneurs


Office Warehouse Solutions (OWS) is created for Entrepreneurs in mind. The cost of starting up a business is very expensive in Singapore. Furthermore, if your idea is untested and untried, you should not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to simply renovate your office and storage before even seeing if your business is viable. A simple renovation of warehouse with racking and a plain office with aircon will cost a minimum of S$50,000. This is sunk cost that cannot be recovered. Hence, it makes no sense to pay such a high sum for something that has not proven itself.

The facilities of OWS is designed to help entrepreneurs. When we first started out our own businesses, we noticed there were many serviced offices or warehouses, but no such option where both functions was combined in a single facility. This makes it very inconvenient as we would have to run between two places to manage our business and inventory. At the same time, incubation houses or accelerators for startups tend to be cramped, noisy and intrusive. This space is designed to be your private space, along with a shared pantry, keyless access and high-speed WiFi is provided throughout the entire unit.

This space allows you to test your business’s viability with relatively lower cost. When you are ready, you can “graduate” to your own commercial / industrial unit, with the certainty that your business has proven itself.

Specifically, this space is ideal for these businesses:

  • E-commerce
  • Media
  • Photography,
  • Videography
  • Graphics Design
  • Publishing House
  • Consultancy
  • Web Design

We wish you all the best in your business ventures, and would be happy to provide a listening ear or provide well-meaning advice if asked.