Office Warehouse Solutions

Who are We?

OWSolutions stands for Office Warehouse Solutions. It’s an integrated facility which allows you to work on your start up or small business and store your inventory at the same place. All offices are fully furnished and storage areas are fenced up and secured with padlocks.
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Why Use our Service?

Small Business for Small Businesses
Cost-Effective, Private & Scalable

We are also a small business. We know that as a new business, you would not require a huge space at the beginning. Our set-up allows you to scale up as needed and not be saddled with high start up costs like renovation or industrial racking. It is the private, cost effective and scalable solution for start ups who would like to be based in the North of Singapore. It is also near Malaysia - tap on their labour.

  • Hi Speed Internet

    100Mbps WIFI with Ethernet Port

  • Fully Furnished Office

    Tables, Chairs & Cupboards

  • Shared Pantry

    Fridge, Water Dispenser & Table

  • Secured Warehouse

    Store your Inventory Nearby


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